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狼女的古旅|搜网址Outside ye ye, cao cao was standing on the watchtower watching lv bu leading the troops and horses to gradually leave the battle group. His brows could not help but pick up."My sister taught me." CAI MAO felt his head was about to be stuffed into his chest."No need to be polite." Lv bu looked at these women soldiers and sighed: "in those years, the class dingyuan thirty-six riding ping western region, now I have lu bu tiger female led fifty-six women ping western region, good example, female not let men, you call li shuxiang?

'the end is near! Two figures into the big account, to liu bei bow way.Just lv bu just ran cao cao, at the moment to see yuan tan in the chaos of the arrogant kill their soldiers, where can let him run, the red rabbit horse let go of speed, kill crazy chase.Gao gan's face changed and he was about to say something when the door suddenly fell down. With a loud crash, the heavy door fell to the ground, splashing a piece of snow.狼女的古旅|

狼女的古旅|"Pack up and go back to your house with me. That's your home." Lu bu's rough hand is hovering, and his tone doesn't leave much room for refutation.Three thousand fighters in order to launch, behind's five people the chance to go back, watching the lyu3 bu4 with troops killed, cao cao's waving to calmly, tam to rear side life yuan block to the enemy, side force resistance lyu3 bu4 command, two people like two flood hit together, in a flash the salvage value brokeback fall all over the floor, a fierce battle in the open plains.< / p > < p > play at this moment, where lv bu will let cao cao have a chance to leave, see cao cao to go, immediately a rabid rabbit and horse, square painting halberd rolled up a strange wind, like a split wave in the crowd to kill a blood road, toward cao cao.

"Try to send someone to inform CAI MAO that meng jin has been occupied by our army. Let him come and meet us on his own. We can meet him along the way." Liu bei wanted to think, the notice is must be notified, the front of the army was destroyed, to their own no benefit....< / p > < p > guan hai instinct of a elbow in the past, the other hand a letter, the body was tube hai that moment out of the power of the earthquake, issued a stuffy hum, tube hai and lu fang was about to pursue, but the other side is on one knee: "night camp leader li shuxiang see general guan.狼女的古旅|




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