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尉迟真金|金易健润肠通便胶囊Outside the camp, several night-patrolling cavalry roamed aimlessly about outside the camp, guarding against possible enemies.Wang Meng hesitated: "Lyu3 bu4 valiant, unparalleled in the world, more red hare, we only eight hundred soldiers, want to trap him is not easy, and there are lyu3 bu4 army waiting outside the city, if lyu3 bu4 die, these reckless men will be angry at me and so on."Soon afterwards, the court canonized lyu3 bu4 as champion hou, no doubt the court has recognized lyu3 bu4 this achievement, but also make the world countless people.

For when to send troops bing, lyu3 bu4 and giffin and even Chen Gong, marotta have letters to come over, think bing the best time to send troops, or to wait for the battle of guandu, is the best time, after all aspects of deployment, lyu3 bu4 more time, or with giffin, jiang xu deal with some important documents sent by changan.On the other hand, Chen Xing horses are still galloping, but the body is stiff, slowly bowed his head, incredibly looking at the chest out of a cluster of arrows, blood along the arrow not dripping, the whole body's strength like a tide with the loss of blood and continue to disappear.These jun are following cao cao's conquest, A brave, eyes a stare, xu togeher a few home will no longer be lombardi allocated to his Euphorbia, although also calculate tough, but rarely on the battlefield, which have seen such momentum, for a while have some retreat, only xu togeher is calm, is the dress, proudly looked at them: "tell cao", old friend xu togeher to see, don't come out to meet! "尉迟真金|And when he drank it, Around the county soldiers is face big change, qi qi qi back, wang yong clenched the knife in his hand, try not to let himself back, but also did not have the courage to step forward, watched lyu3 bu4 step by step went to the front of patronage, so in front of jinyang city eight hundred county soldiers, in patronage desperate screams, waved a slap in his face.

尉迟真金|"Withdraw, withdraw!" Male broad sea face a change, with lyu3 bu4 for so long, some cavalry basic taboo is very clear, so dense according to stakes, plus the limits of street fighting itself, lyu3 bu4 cavalry if really rushed in, I'm afraid even red rabbits are not necessarily able to break through the dense according to stakes.Lost, also lost the best opportunity to make progress in the world, because neither cao cao nor lyu3 bu4, it is impossible to give lombardi breathing space, lombardi not only to bear the loss of this battle, but also to face lyu3 bu4 this business tiger and cao cao this treacherous, even if the inheritance, want to restore the old prestige, but also difficult."You..." Xu Chu furious, will carry a knife to cut people, 's hurriedly stopped: "ZhongKang not reckless."

"Is... is..." Fei San also dare not resist at the moment, can only nod, with Zhou Cang left.We'll have to do it first!Lombardi looked at xu togeher to leave the direction, shook his head: "it needn't say, just lyu3 bu4, I have in bing sixty thousand military forces, don't also can't he?"尉迟真金|




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