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洪森称欢迎美国中断援助|高颗丽挺丰胸Jun big tent, in front of liu bei and others, cao cao did not ask xh battle damage, but even don't ask, the battle brought together under cao cao's most elite fifty thousand troops, this also is not what glorious things, more important is the war brings to the governors big blow, seibel is gone, but the somebody else's time, perhaps because of physical run out of these reasons, but it is a battle, jun really not win."This is not difficult, just take enough food, wuxi pretty will agree." Ma liang nodded: "but our army and liu zhang originally as Allies, rushed to attack, in the righteousness of discord, do not know the strategist...... ""Well!"

"Shoot arrows! Zhou yu looks at zhang fei, cold humph 1, this time, have half arrow however is rush toward zhang fei."Can jingzhou army's grain field ever be confirmed?" Lv meng have lost count of how many times did the week yu mentioned this matter, lv meng and said seriously: "our report has been confirmed, jingzhou of hay every day to nanyang, tuen mun in the bayou, and shipped to the front line of grain is also starting from 13 sent to the front line, just 13 fortified, our report to cannot get in, the chief but worry there are cheat?""Really?" The method be half smile not smile of see toward zhang song, shake head way: "son qiao elder brother, you difficult way still hold your that impractical old and noble family fantasy up to now? Give it up. Whether you follow liu zhang or find liu bei, the result will not be better than now."洪森称欢迎美国中断援助|"How?" Wei yan frowns to see pang tong, do not understand way.

洪森称欢迎美国中断援助|"Peng ~""Why only ten years? Why not all?" Zhang song some dissatisfaction way.'come again! < / p > < p > xia houyuan's eyes a bright, the line of sight staring at another group of crossbow soldiers.

"The Lord is right." Horses are patted the ballista, relative to other ballista, a burned the lightest, also largely retained many of the ballista, horses are being top craftsman, can calculate some of its properties, shake head to sigh a way: "is I underestimate the land, but research and development of the crossbow, it seems, are still not perfect, otherwise, the general yesterday pound are dangerous.""Yi?" Zhang fei picked pick eyebrow, doubt of see toward front of old man, thick eyebrow one xuan: "you are not zhou yu, you are who?""Jiang dong general, are all this arrogant generation?" Guan yu stroked his long beard and his eyes narrowed slightly. Those familiar with guan yu knew that this was the prelude to guan yu's attack.洪森称欢迎美国中断援助|




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