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枪手王妃姜老太"Here!" Xu rong smiled and nodded, he has understood lyu3 bu4 motive.Is zhang liao and seibel after joining forces, See horse slope world war I play hard, and get lyu3 bu4 news, two people speculate to Korea hence I'm afraid to be mad, in order to avoid the fall of the pound camp, two people after a sum, decided to keep camp by seibel led two thousand military forces, and zhang liao with eight thousand main north, starry night, rushed to help horse slope.

"Yes, I shall have seen madame at that end of the day." Han De don't know sorted is who, but the two words of Confucianism in this era of gold is not small, make Han De awe."Alas ~" looked at d, marten also can only sigh, and charged pound more help d."Said my general, If your excellency is willing to accept, Tonight, Can take a team to our camp, Then you can go to East Camp, My general will open east camp guard, and He Yi He Man will also be placed in the east camp, when adults just rushed into the east camp, killed He Yi He Man brothers, my general can take the opportunity to lead the surrender of adults, of course, if adults willing to believe, but at the end of the will go back, my adult tonight will carry He Yi He Man's head, come to offer. " Li Bao will be said before the good strategy said again.枪手王妃The door suddenly pushed open, giffin with XiongKuoHai came in, hand bamboo paper to lyu3 bu4: "master, changan sent urgent letters."

枪手王妃"So soon?" Lyu3 bu4 frowned, a wave of his hand, behind the cavalry immediately put on an attack.After that, More and more west cool army can't bear this one-sided slaughter, turn around and go, even the inspector, see this situation also don't know what to do, forward is a sea of fire, purgatory, back, at least a chance to survive, human survival instinct, let most of the west cool army in a desperate environment, subconsciously chose a path of greater vitality.For liang xing this person, marotta don't know much, also don't know whether he will pursue, can only be prepared in advance, if the pursuit of nature can take the opportunity to reverse the defeat, and even can hijack camp again, even if not, their own also have no loss.

Cavalry! The number of thousands of cavalry appeared in the field of vision, far away, wei has been able to see the display of the cao word flag."Anyway, serve this war, is for my big fellow against foreign enemies." Cao Cao sighed lightly and looked at the crowd and said with a smile, "When you give them a reward, you add lyu3 bu4 as a title of generals in ancient times, holding the festival northwest, north of the country."The Moon Clan, When it comes to inheritance, since the pre-Qin period has multiplied in the Hexi Corridor area, Established in the Western Han Dynasty, once helped the Han people beat up the Huns, when Huo Qubing was on an expedition to the Huns, but also with the help of the Moon people, Only to be broken by the huns, The Moon Clan, which once controlled 100,000 strings, is divided into two, The main force through the Gobi, established the frost empire, and another in the western regions of Hetao wandering, eventually established a small moon people, until the end of the Han Dynasty, the three kingdoms period, the moon people are the object of the han dynasty conscription, was classified as qiang hu, until after the three kingdoms, gradually integrated with the qiang people into one, can be regarded as a hetao region, a pro-han minority.枪手王妃




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