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鬼无极|nckia n99D and ma dai also found mayi fire in the fierce battle, can not help but great anger, pointing to zhang he harsh voice: "no righteous man, unexpectedly set fire to the city, today, leave you can't!"Although took advantage of the surprise attack, but the night is not only an obstacle to begging voodoo, lyu3 bu4 is also a loss, although let begging voodoo bombing camp, since trampling on each other, but in the chaos, the chaos is the same."Master, today the xianbei khan and find us to drink." Sentence suddenly sullen came to lyu3 bu4 behind, wry smile way, so obvious alienation, even his coarse man can see.

"Kirby can, it's so late. What's the matter with you all?" Soon, the leaders of the other four tribes gathered in the handsome account of Kirby Neng, Kirby Neng now since the shooting step to root, prestige, hidden, has become the first of the five tribes, naturally also caused some people's resistance, Murong Gui dissatisfied with looking at Kirby Neng Tao.Daxi new smell speech eyes flashed a haze, shook his head and said: "How many people can there be in the Western Regions? Add up to no more than 30,000, there is Korea hence sitting in the town of Jin Lianchuan, enough to resist those who do not know the height of the Han people, wait for us to capture the king's court, back to tidy up the Western Regions."Ice-cold arrow cluster shot through the watchtower has drowsy soldiers throat, lyu3 bu4 chosen, it is patrol soldiers spaced the largest period of time, a line of people close and did not cause alarm, upright when with people, quickly moved according to the stake, turned YuanMen, quietly YuanMen open.鬼无极|"Every day a county magistrate has to resolve disputes among the people and show concern for the people's livelihood. To the people, they are heaven!" Lyu3 bu4 looked at Jiang Xu puzzled look: "But the county magistrate's salary is how much? More than forty stone."

鬼无极|"Congratulations to the host, Agility to five stars, Agility talent-Thunderbolt!""How many men did he bring?" Not yet clear why the two men came, Kirby can frown at the herald.Wang Yongwen speech twist a head to see, but see around a defenders just looking at each other's overwhelming momentum, has no face, once the war, how many battle effectiveness these people can play?

Even if it is old, weak, women and children, also can't be so easily captured by lyu3 bu4, thought of here, step root frown way: "Do you know how he is breached?""Come down!" With a leisurely sigh, Living in this age, Not everyone has the so-called celebrity style, At least zhang gu don't feel in order to fame, desperate resistance is a right choice, although he also hate lyu3 bu4, but now lombardi experience guandu defeat, deep and remote state has been chaos, Montenegro thieves also began to come out of the mountains, cao cao eyed covetously in the south, and lyu3 bu4 this time swing south, at least for a short time, even can't spare a hand to support and state."It's all right." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, roared, people have become a lot of refreshing, smiling at a face of confusion XiongKuoHai and Zhou Cang: "Before someone said to me, unhappy, just roar, the mood will be much cheerful, indeed very effective."鬼无极|




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