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杨幂刘亦菲热聊|法国勃根His city, jun although there are many survivors, but in the next, zhang liao army blanket roller compaction, xh to reorganize the defense, and followed by d Zang bully, zhaoyun drop in banned, JiNa areas, large city, xh overnight became a rat crossing the street, spent in jizhou lyu3 bu4 army after next, hide, more than ten days later, just before night in the Yellow River to find the place where the water is not rushing to swim.Moreover, the banchai yamen sent to different places were directly transferred from the army to the jurisdiction of the criminal department, and local officials had no right to appoint or remove them, which further strengthened lu bu's control over the local areas.

"Gong and what he said were quite in tune with each other, but... Jia xu shook his head and said, "I'm afraid sun quan will not agree."Roar ~" Chen GUI suddenly two turn white, suddenly open mouth spit a mouthful of blood, body shake, soft down.One evening, in a deserted alley in the city of ye, the ground suddenly shook several times, followed by a sudden collapse of the ground without any warning.杨幂刘亦菲热聊|At the beginning zhaoyun was ordered to go east, in the liao water area to five thousand to break thirty thousand, world war I and famous, and to gongsun du head as betrothed gift, married lu bu's daughter lu lingqi, many princes feel sorry for, lu bu under the command of another strong man, not the world's blessing!

杨幂刘亦菲热聊|Lv bu raised his eyes and glanced at the monk standing in the doorway of the temple, frowning: "people pay for their lives and debts."If I am not healthy, what shall I do?"Changan academy after several expansion, has moved into the chang-an, distance, is a small town too much, inside Confucianism, method, soldiers, and ink, industrial, commercial and agricultural experts have their own a yard as each school of academy, fame may be less YingChuan than universal, deer door two well-known academy, but the number of students is too much, this is the only one, and don't ask, don't just ask qualified college, as long as can pass county, county and township of investigation, can enter the college select their favorite college reading.

"Hate?" Lyu3 bu4 nod: "don't remember, the world of adult sometimes you want slowly to understand, speak is very difficult to speak clear."Chapter 41 determination杨幂刘亦菲热聊|





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