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什么鬼魅传说|毛毡价格"Oh?" Kui-tou looked at Lu Bu, The fear in his eyes was no longer concealed, But at the moment, can't help but give lyu3 bu4 face, The xianbei king's court now gathered nearly one hundred thousand troops, Eighty percent of them are lyu3 bu4 hand out, lyu3 bu4 fame in these people, than his khan is more useful, although the head of the gas is not enough, but not stupid enough, this time is absolutely not with lyu3 bu4 tore face, the moment asked gently: "temuzhen brother, what is it?"Originally wei sent early this morning to inquire about coss trends, but learned that coss left an empty camp, then guess coss may bypass attack meng jin, the present left five hundred people guarding the city, waiting for xu sheng military forces to take over defense, he led the army to kill toward meng jin, but finally a step late."Get ready, after tonight, the Qifu tribe will be history! The name Temuzhen will be famous for this prairie!" Lyu3 bu4 from horseback picked up the earthshaking bow, behind him, five hundred have been finished mending the moon people from riding stand, coldly looking at the large number of cavalry galloping from not far away.

"Zhongde, you let a person tell cloud long, I am recently for lombardi and headache, this matter, after I beat lombardi, say again not too late." Cao cao sink a track.Qui head complexion nodded: "you and that temuzhen quite personal friends, let you go, be sure to bring him back, must not let other tribes ahead of time.""It's done." Country's cynical face also a little more dignified, Look at cao caodao: "Two months ago, Lyu3 bu4 alone into the prairie, under the pseudonym Temujin, disguised as a remnant of the Huns, Take refuge in xianbei king's court, Help xianbei khan sweep away the five tribes in distress, Instigate kui head led hundreds of xianbei army and kim lianchuan chieftain daxi new decisive battle yinfeng gorge, lyu3 bu4 life people dig up a river on the banks of the yinshan, water back into the yinfeng gorge, a battle to kill the huns main force of 250,000 troops, including the huns khan kui head, more than 20 people of the tribal leaders! "什么鬼魅传说|"What 's the trouble? Do it!" Lyu3 bu4 in mind bored hum a way, at this time to know why the cost of recovery success almost as much as the cost of training Chen Gong once, but also can't care so much, while in the heart ordered, while twisting his head to say to all: "Make a stretcher for me, will old male back to camp."

什么鬼魅传说|"I like that!" Hey laughter, lyu3 bu4 will turn the woman's body, let her face yourself, continue to unfold as if endless impact.Under the stimulation of begging Fu Ge Yang, begging Fu people seem to play hormones of general excitement to despair of the huns.Although he is a general, But Wei was not too happy, General, do is the work of civil servants, especially after learning that lyu3 bu4 dominate hetao, grassland, rushed out of the big reputation, wei always some regret, letter valley is very important, also really need general guarding, wei is not don't understand, just general should have horizontal knife immediately, take merit in the battlefield, how much let wei some buried lyu3 bu4.

Just around the Yin Feng Gorge, has become a swampy country, kui head stood up blankly, distracted looking around a mess, no, xianbei in the west, the king's army is gone, all gone..."I'm going to take refuge in xianbei king's court, The cattle and sheep, the riches, These warriors were left behind, I'm not moving, Divide it equally, If you want to go, take your possessions, your sheep and your cows, I won't embarrass you, After all, most of you were stolen by us, Willing to stay and live here, I will ask xianbei king court to give you a safer place as a tribe, as long as I still in the grassland for a day, will always protect you, you can find a man, with your wealth to marry, can also continue to graze here, life, no one will, no one dare to move you, this is my commitment to everyone. ""Yes!" The bodyguard handed the bamboo paper to the giffin.什么鬼魅传说|





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