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郭富城方媛逛街|蜂花前清茶"If the general wants to kill us, we are now prisoners of the lower ranks, at the command of the general, but I have to wait for the Lord liu zhang this loyalty, but it is a dream.Lyu3 bu4 nod: "all right, the big war be in, just horse all over there have a batch of new goods arrive, first rationing trap camp, let gao shun be familiar with the battle method of new weapon, next year big war, he dozen first!""Don't forget that liu bei and liu zhang belong to the same family. If you can betray liu zhang today, who knows if you will betray liu bei someday?" Fazheng shook his head, some pity to see zhang song, sometimes, intelligence and wisdom is really not the same thing, zhang song outstanding ability, have a photographic memory can, but the idea, sometimes too naive.

Zhang song gasped and stared at fazheng. "I thought the champion hou was the hero of the world, but I didn't want to see all these guys under his banner."< / p > < p > xia houyuan commanded the crossbow array did not expect the other side of the single crossbow can shoot so far, also considered a long battle, and not as those soldiers were hit meng, hurriedly ordered.郭富城方媛逛街|"So the four pillars of hebei are no longer able to use their ears? Not as old as I am?" Huang zhong sneered and looked at the high table.

郭富城方媛逛街|"Yes, father."If wait for those ballista to burn out, that want to run all can't run away, since guan yu made a decision, at the moment decisively give up ballista, while the other side of the archer has not closed before, with soldiers and horses first step out.

"Speak!" Liu zhang waved, some impatient road.Lv meng did not know why zhou yu was so excited, but he was also very happy. It was the first time he had seen zhou yu smiling since the war had lasted so long.Sometimes, cao cao really envy lyu3 bu4, although the early struggle, but after he out step by step, not be valued by all the governors of former northwest place zhang put out by the fighting capacity, back really is, is to late, lyu3 bu4 way is more suitable, in contrast, cao cao and others, although because of family support, early developing rapidly, but in the later period, but everywhere in Taipei, a lot of times, is pushing a decree, all want to weigh the pros and cons, far not like now lyu3 bu4, decrees, can in a very short period of time anywhere, quickly and effectively implemented, the efficiency is far more than twice the governors of the central plains?郭富城方媛逛街|




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