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终极歪国|黎明液压有限公司"You don't say, I don't say, who knows, quickly say!" Zhang fei some impatient way."Are the ships ready?" Zhou yu did not answer, but asked.Sitting in the imperial palace, enjoying the sight of these western girls wu way, liu zhang excited to kneel tight fist, lu bu a wufu nothing by the rule of law will be the entire north governance of the powerful and incomparable, he is the han family kin, has the kingdom of abundance, and not a wufu?

Give up?"There's a match left!" Huang zhong sneered and looked at sun yi: "if you can take my knife, you will win!""Share the burden?" A general sneered at zhang ren and said, "general zhang, I respect you for your ability and I don't want to say any bullshit truth. "终极歪国|Chapter 70 the beginning of the rebellion

终极歪国|"Peng ~""Light see overlord." Zhuge liang bowed slightly and looked at zhou yu and sighed: "what's the trouble for the commander?"Zhang song mused silently that he had only a few friends in shu zhong, and there was no need to make it so mysterious.

"Monda, why has no one come to complain lately?" A month later, meng da's mansion was empty and no one had filed a complaint. Officials in the middle of the state shunned meng da, and only liu zhang complained about meng da's recent efficiency."Gong da's words are true, but my heart is confused." With a wry smile and a shake of his head, cao cao sat down on his chair.< / p > < p > officers and soldiers quickly began to form a formation, a row of shields in front of the hand, behind is tens of thousands of crossbowmen holding strong crossbows, alert to the oncoming liu bei army.终极歪国|




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