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sm调教小说|捕鱼器价格"At present there will be a great disaster in chang 'an. The general, including the city guards under the general's command, will be temporarily taken over by xu." < / p > < p > jia xu shen way, he is responsible for the intelligence of lu bu people, in guandu cao yuan shao, lu bu's intelligence network has not been able to spread in the past, but only under the rule of lu bu, thousands of people quietly sneaked in, how possible to deceive jia xu's eyes."How many men did he take?" Burn when the old king has not spoken, the side of the aguly is not the face of the mouth.As department horse home be lyu3 bu4 property out, not only to bring down the last of the family had accumulated strength, also discounted the part of the family of the spine, changan academy recently, someone already began to marotta or jesson, it is also hard to avoid, as lu bu in changan status more and more stable, the family to work under lyu3 bu4, have been twisted, so finally loses or are they, after all, lyu3 bu4 unlike previous other governors, the need for family is not too big, and squeezing family means is a set of a set to the still, after all, a family will survive, if continue to be so, called the family, But it was hard to see any difference from ordinary people.

"About fifty, apparently, and mostly women." "Said the guard."This...... "Ha mu er smell a face of shame, language, plus at the beginning ha mu er did not see the tube hai in the eye, natural also did not announce the name.Lv bu moved a chair to sit under one of the eaves of the garden, looking at the sable cicada and liu yun standing side by side intoxicated in the beautiful snow mist, the United States is like a painting.sm调教小说|Lyu3 bu4 eyebrows slightly wrinkled, he is naturally hope to win the cao cao, cao cao is his own enemy, just came to this world, it almost kill by cao cao, lu bu is naturally hope that one day, can find the company on the battlefield, in the public, cao cao even beat lombardi, want to conquer the lombardi turf, also need a digestive process, but if lombardi defeat cao cao, then I'm afraid is to deal with lu bu.

sm调教小说|She now a suit of men's clothes, it seems quite a bit of style, and attitude to rely on, but a gang of guards to zhenzhu, jingzhou land, under the governance of liu biao, wenfeng prosperous, and the old family all over the land, is not which family run out of the son?"DE jong? Chen gong looked strangely at zhang yi, who was bewildered, and called several times before he woke her up."Wang wang ~"

"Juyan? Lv lingqi frowns a way, did not think they unexpectedly ran so far, turned a head to have a look at zhao yun way: "give him see again, we are ready to go."The fallen scribe shook his head, the corners of his mouth spread a disdainful sneer and said: "I'm afraid even that lv bu, also can't think I still stay in chang 'an?"Atmosphere, for a time become awkward rise, for a long time, zhaoyun some awkward way: "have not thanked the girl to save the grace."sm调教小说|




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