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房卡麻将|空心铜针"Don't want to go? Turned a head to see zhen shi a way."Well!" A group of hussars and their guards grew more excited and began their next training."But if we do not retreat now, how will the general prepare to resist gao shun after three days?" Kuai more scowling way, now the number of the advantage has not enough to make up for the lack of morale, three days after the gaoshun army if to storm, only a round of crossbow, no more soldiers morale is just a mob, how to block the division of the tigers and wolves of gaoshun?

Silence of the night sky, dilapidated village gate, teams of Montenegro thief patrol to and fro, zhang yan in the war and has its own set of otherwise impossible in Carthage, cao cao also caught between these two governors in living for so many years, in so doing, also to tightens neural tube hai, also belong to a kind of exhausted soldiers, the Cao Caore use this method to deal with lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 may not come to xuzhou, didn't also the rule of northwest of northwest 虓 tiger today.Zhang he would like to immediately now the truth to the world, but he can not, the doctor has said, yuan shao now, has been poisoned into the bone marrow, medicine stone difficult to save, this time, jizhou has been in a state of tension, the truth, is to give yuan shao a justice, but then?< / p > < p > sheng dou xiaomin do not understand the struggle between these upper levels, only feel lv bu to come in, to draw on is to draw on the family and not them these sheng dou xiaomin, so, no one to Sue, because it is useless.房卡麻将|Indeed, if you surrender lu bu, not to mention lu bu is now in the north of the three princes, power belongs to the bottom of one, more importantly, lu bu and zhang yan had unhappy, and the words of zu, but also hit zhang yan's weakness.

房卡麻将|Chapter 6 the court of the game"No! < / p > < p > han rong heard a surprised, regardless of more than say, anxious way: "quick, life my pro guard camp rushed to the gate of the rescue, the city chaos first do not need to tube!""Oh." Jiang wei lu zheng's hesitant hand, lu zheng pulls into the crowd, seibel son high pet (lyu3 bu4 to name), the son of zhang liao parada, tube hai guan yong orphans, the son of the d Ma Qiu, son of the pound will pang, and jiang wei, now it's lyu3 bu4 to lu zheng to find with, as the son of lu bu and the force of the future successor, such as how to develop with method of zheng xuan, yan lu bu to consult.

"Well!" A group of hussars and their guards grew more excited and began their next training."Wait a moment, general, I'll get the man's head!" In the crowd, wudang excitedly dragged mace out, toward han rong flying horse.Pound nodded. "we have not enough men and horses.房卡麻将|




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