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艾达王和里昂|来凤县实验中学吧"Dead!" Zhang fei some incredible, that sand mo ke ability he knows, and he fought, also can support a 40 or 50, wei martial arts is good, but zhang fei estimates that the most also with sand mo ke between bozhong, how can be so quickly killed by wei?Looking at the content of the letterhead, although it was expected, but liu bei still feel a bitter intended to echo in the mouth, shu, finally failed to take it down?"Kwan general Ann?" Huang Zhong will kill Jiangdong military forces scattered, And no chase, turned and dismounted, But see more than a dozen soldiers will guan yu dead in the middle, at the moment see huang zhong to come over, just let go of a way, huang zhong hurriedly went to see, but see guan yu face although gray, but the arrow is not enough to kill, not from a slight sigh of relief, he was ordered to rescue guan yu, if there is something wrong with guan yu, liu bei there is not good to explain.

Another defeat, for zhuge liang, the mood at the moment can be imagined."The general don't know, before he went to war, received the master sent military orders." Ezra pound got up, smiled and took a military order from his subordinates and will be printed: "master has ordered the promotion of the general to general south, after I three military forces, general wei as commander-in-chief, governor JingXiang battle, master before sealing the king, in addition to nanyang, shangyong, xincheng county, must take south county."艾达王和里昂|"Fool!" Wei yan turned the horse's head, a knife chop off the head of the sand mo ke hanging on his war horse, looked at the sand mo ke's horse, eyes not bright, the horse looks ugly, but wei yan proficient in phase horse, at a glance we can see that the horse is a rare bmw.

艾达王和里昂|With a tremor of the tiger 's mouth, Zhang eight snake spear swung open by wei yan's broadsword, but his weapon was almost off hand rather than, in the heart secretly marveled at each other's strange force at the same time, wei yan's attack was not disrupted by each other, blade by the counter-shock force bounce off, a jade belt around the waist, knife rod around the waist, followed by a knife from the other side obliquely swept upward to zhang fei's throat."Will retire at the end of the day." Although I don't know why, but has been used to this way of saying and doing things, zhuge liang also dare not ask again, after saying goodbye, their retreat."Ma Su?" Ignoring the pale-faced people of the family, his eyes turned to Ma Su, although in the inquiry, but in the words, has been very sure.

Look at the sky, lyu3 bu4 stood up, at the moment on the hall, although they fight for red-faced, but lyu3 bu4 is the master here, after all, he came together, the voice can not help but fade down, looked at lyu3 bu4 together.Guan yu is weak, a tardif has made him tired, now tardif and zhou tai to attack, is the peak state of guan yu on the two may not be able to play, what's more, now weak, fight a few close, then feel powerless, rely on the horse, turn around and go."Let him scold, and when he is tired of scolding, he will stop." Pang tong left his mouth, went straight to the gate of the king, to say endurance, originally pang tong is not, but from jingzhou Addis carry away, the kind of injustice can't claim, there is no place to say the day has been two years, want to can't endure, that kind of environment to exercise out of the endurance, zhang fei now sent this point of gas, pediatric.艾达王和里昂|




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